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The Justice, Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) is the structure through which the Church responds to social issues affecting all men and women created in the image and likeness of God. The manner of this response is based on the Social Teachings of the Church (STC). According to the Vatican II document, every Catholic – both Clergy and Laity – by virtue of our baptism, is commissioned to stand up for justice and peace wherever we find ourselves. This is why the JDPC is not regarded as a Lay Apostolate Society, but a unique structure (commission) to which bishops, priests, the religious and the lay faithful automatically belong.
However, the Church entrusts the duty of identifying, fighting and correcting all unjust structures in the hands of only a few of the faithful who volunteer as active and registered members of the JDPC on behalf of the entire Church, while the rest of the faithful are expected to participate by way of moral, material, logistic and financial support, etc.


To promote the quality of life for all people through the enhancement of human development.

To promote and sustain human rights and dignity as contained in such instruments as universal declaration of human rights; the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, and the Nigerian Constitution.

To animate and form groups to participate in their own development for the common good.

To build the capacity of individuals and groups, so that they are able to help themselves and contribute meaningful to the society.

To make a preferential option for the poor and marginalized.

To identify unjust structures and take corrective actions.

 To create a forum for information gathering and dissemination as a community empowerment tool.

To cooperate and network with international agencies, governmental agencies and other NGOs for integral development, poverty reduction and good governance.

  1. To propagate and promote the Social Teachings of the Church (STC) as a way of contributing to the process of social transformation.


The promotion of sustainable and integral human development through holistic empowerment approach, and enhancing effective structural transformation of the society, without any form of discrimination.


To bring the kingdom of God within the society in its entirety, liberating all people from every oppressive force that keep them under bondage, irrespective of race, creed and gender.





His Grace



Rev. Fr. Raymond Anoliefo


We appreciate your decision to volunteer with JDPC Lagos.
It is imperative that you understand the far-reaching impact of your singular decision to volunteer with us. Your voluntary service will contribute towards the betterment of our beloved Lagos State, as the JDPC Lagos is the social arm of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos that responds to social issues affecting all persons within its jurisdiction. This means that you will be volunteering your talent and time towards observing elections, agitating for good governance, increasing awareness about Human Trafficking and Irregular Migration, Sensitizing citizens about their Human Rights, Championing Gender Equality, Assisting in Health Outreaches et al. By volunteering, you will become a part of our wide network of volunteers who have joined us in changing our society for the better since the early 90’s. The confidentiality of your information is assured and will be used for purposes incidental to pertinent information delivery. Your data will aid us in determining the areas you wish to volunteer, so kindly indicate your interests fully and clearly. May God bless you as you do so, Amen!